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How to document your employee's performance review correctly

by , 01 June 2015
When it comes to documenting a performance review, there are several steps you have to follow. Doing so can truly help you make better reviews and also improve productivity and efficiency in performance reviews.

Use these steps to document your employees' performance reviews

Let's start at the moment where you've already analysed your employee's perfor­mance. Now. you have to record your feedback in a way that can be shared and saved. This way, next time you're preparing a formal written assessment, you can refer back to your company's guidelines so you're adhering to the appropriate format.

Each performance system has some method of scaling and you can follow those while also being flexible about them and using your own system and observations. Record them and be as objective as you can be.

Also, provide evidence of progress or the lack of it. You can do this by connecting accom­plishments with established goals:

'Derek increased sales by 7%, which exceeded his goal of 5%.' 'Laura reduced her error rate by 20%; her goal was 30%.' Then your employee can easily grasp the assessment criteria and recognize the evaluation as fair, reveals hbr.org.

Make sure you include specific examples because the employee needs to understand really well the things he mustn't repeat.  

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This part is extremely important: Make sure that you express your observations as neutral facts rather than judgments! By doing so, you avoid giving negative feedback in a brutal way.

When you give positive feedback, you should combine specific achievements with character-based praise.

Here's the example the previously mentioned source provided: 'With the new accounts she generated, which delivered $1.25 million in busi­ness, Juliana exceeded the goal we set for her last July by 27%. Her creativity and perseverance drove her to look beyond the traditional client base; she researched new industries and networked at confer­ences to find new customers.'

It's important to support any of your assessment with specific examples and details. This improves communication and leaves no room for misinterpretations!

Document the employee's behavior together with the steps you've taken in attempting to correct it. You should also include in your evalua­tion only statements that you'd be comfortable testi­fying to in court.

Another tip is to make a short list with some top results of the reviewed employees over the year and make sure you let them know so they will feel more motivated.

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How to document your employee's performance review correctly
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