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Improve your employee check-ins with these top four management tips

by , 04 May 2015
The way you treat your employees reflects back on your business. Every action, despite the fact that it doesn't have visibile and immediate consequences, influences the long term relationship between internal management and external results.

When it comes to feedback, discussing matters with your employees, going over various aspects work and business related, you will need to set up some check-ins.

Whenever these happen, make sure you respect the following employee check in rules!

1. Don't be late.

I remember how, when I was younger, I waited for someone to come to the interview and the person was 45 minutes late. He was the employer and today I would not spare any minute to wait for someone who proves from the beginning that has no value for my time. It is true that, at that moment, I had proved the potentional employer that I also had no value for my time or that I really wanted that job. I never stepped my foot there after the interview even though they called for a second meeting.

2. Don't make your employees afraid to speak their minds

If your employees feel that you're not on their side, they won't express what bothers them, what they think it could work better or any of their complains. Results really come through a good communication and showing mutual respect and trust will be helpful.

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3. Help your employees develop.

Making your employees perform better is your job, not their. As drastic as it may sound, it's the same with self-evalution: It's your job to know whether your team or your employees are performing or not. So make sure you identify the directions they should follow to grow inside the business so they don't leave you for other companies just because you assigned them the wrong tasks, too many tasks or never actually gave them enough opportunities to prove themselves.

4. Prove them you want the best for them

If this sounds off topic to you, it means that you do not see their professional development as a viable project and not as an investment. This  mentality is without a doubt wrong since it only leaves you either with underperforming employees or having to hire new people on a regular basis.

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Improve your employee check-ins with these top four management tips
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