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Increase awareness, increase work performance!

by , 18 February 2015
There are many ways of staying mindful at work, but often we become unfocused and head to a poor work performance. Our thoughts and actions fail to manage stress properly and we end up seeing even the smallest tasks as sources of more stress and worry.

Becoming aware of our thoughts and work process is thus mandatory and we could also call this being mindful at the workplace. Several short exercices can help us improve many aspects of our daily work and increase our efficiency.

This means we have to be aware of our surroundings and other people around us. Some examples of the exercices which could help us stay mindful and efficient:

1. We are conscious at work because we made this decision:

- at the beginning of the day, we mindfully decide we are going to be present and focused;

- we work while we are reminded periodically (through notes, phone alarms, messages) that we have to stay aware, present, mindful;

- we pay attention to our emotions, thoughts, reactions and stress level.

2. We give up multi-tasking:

- poor work performance has now a new enemy: multi-tasking, as more and more recent studies show that our brain actually gets tired while switching from one task to another, losing important data alongside

3. We walk slowly so we can later walk faster:

- taking a few steps back, allowing distance between ourselves and our work is an important process;

- we analyze our next step slowing down and allowing information to regroup;

- each moment of rest helps to improve efficiency.

Moreover, it is now proven that the way we think about stress actually affects our health and productivity. The solution is to make stress our friend by changing the way we look at it.

Could this be possible? Yes, the stress level can be kept moderate and be seen as a normal response of our body when confronted with a new challenge.

In order to make stress our friend, whenever a new challenge arises, we will choose to be creative instead of negative, we will understand that our body is preparing for what's next and we will be grateful for the energy which comes together with the stress response.

Although these seem like small changes, we have to keep in mind that a little effort always goes a long way!

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