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Increase performance in the workplace by avoiding these two traits

by , 07 June 2016
Increase performance in the workplace by avoiding these two traitsGood leadership is the key to good performance in the workplace. But that's easier said than done.
Because the fact of the matter is that not all employers show the right qualities.

Instead, they make classic leadership mistakes that end up lowering overall morale, leading to poor performance in the workplace. And that's something no employer wants.

So to help you avoid doing that in your own workplace, here are the two traits to avoid, along with what you should be doing instead...

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Increase performance in the workplace by avoiding these two traits... 

TRAIT#1: Inconsistency and unpredictability

Inconsistency and unpredictability are one of the most common poor leadership traits out there.

Employers who don't know what they want can be a real morale killer. And that's why it should be avoided at all costs.

What to do instead?

Instead, you should show confidence and decisiveness, which is a sure way to boost performance in the workplace.

Confidence implies that you have a clear vision for your company, and that you know what you want for it. You believe that your methods and opinions are well-founded, which can help add to your consistency as a leader.

When it comes to decisiveness, you should be able to make tough decisions, often on short notice, that are in line with your company's vision. This will make yourself more predictable to your employees, which can create a greater sense of stability because they know exactly what it is you want.

TRAIT#2: Negativity

Another poor leadership trait has to be negativity. And it should come as no surprise to anyone. Because if there's one way to encourage poor performance in the workplace, it's through negativity.

What to do instead?

You should be optimistic in the workplace.

This involves you:

·         Being helpful and genuinely concerned about the welfare of your employees;
·         Communicating easily and encouraging positivity in the workplace;
·         Striving to find solutions;
·         Avoiding pessimism and personal criticism;
·         Avoiding destructive criticism towards employees, and instead being constructive, positive and reassuring towards them;
·         Encouraging co-operation among employees; and
·         Having vision and communicating it so as to promote action and not just ideas.

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Increase performance in the workplace by avoiding these two traits
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