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Is your company guilty of these six productivity killers?

by , 10 July 2013
While there are many benefits to improving productivity, you may be among the many companies that battle to stimulate a productive workforce. Luckily, there's a way your company can avoid falling into this trap. Read on to discover what the six productivity killers are so you can avoid them before they disrupt your business.

'Low productivity is one of the major causes of businesses failing today. Failure to meet targeted productivity can result in high costs per unit. This, in turn, results in higher prices and a drop in your competitive edge,' cautions the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

What's shocking is that your company may be a breeding ground for a lack of productivity without you even realising it.

So ensure you steer clear of these productivity killers.

Six productivity killers you must avoid in your company

#1: Poor selection and placement. This is one of the main reasons for low productivity. According to the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management, companies are only starting to understand the value of hiring staff for attitude first and then for skills. Skills can be taught, but attitude is innate – you either have it or you don't.

#2: Poor training. Companies that select poorly also tend to train poorly. Your employees will perform poorly and are unlikely to be loyal when they aren't adequately trained. It's likely that this employee will leave and you'll have to recruit again.

#3: Unclear expectations. Expectations may be different behaviours from Key Performance Areas and Indicators. Unexpressed expectations result in anger and frustration and eventual loss of motivation and productivity.

#4: Job descriptions. Write these in plain English and in detail. Discuss well-written job descriptions in detail with employees and obtain buy-in. There are often different perceptions of the employee's job description.

#5: Misalignment of company culture and employees' principles and values. You can lose well educated and highly skilled employees simply because they don't fit in. Company politics is one of the main reasons someone with high values and principles may leave a good job.

#6: Personal issues. Emotional intelligence (EQ) training can help resolve your employee's personal issues. All your staff need to become and remain self-empowered employees.

How can you raise productivity?

You must do a thorough assessment to understand the capabilities of your company and track its progress against benchmarks.

This'll give you a clear indication of how well your company is achieving its current objectives and goals for future growth and competitiveness. An assessment will identify important gaps in core capabilities in your company's competitive environment.

Steering clear of these productivity killers will help you identify the obstacles to productivity, remove them and watch productivity increase in your workplace.

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