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Just got promoted to manager? Don't make these fatal leadership mistakes in your first few months...

by , 17 July 2013
Your first management position is an exciting (and slightly terrifying!) adventure. Research shows your first 100 days of leadership will set the tone for your entire management career path. If you avoid these three fatal leadership mistakes, you can go sky high in the world of management....

Whether you're managing a local restaurant or a multinational company, you've got a lot on your plate. As you dive into your new leadership role, avoid these three fatal leadership mistakes from 144 Smart Strategies for Managers and you'll hit the ground running.

Fatal Leadership Mistake #1: You're waiting too long to make changes

Employees have a sixth sense about new leaders, and if you umm and awe instead of making changes, they'll know the status quo has remained exactly the same.

This is especially difficult when you're promoted from within, and now have managerial power over your previous peers. You might not want to upset them with drastic changes or take them out of their comfort zones. But wait at your peril – making bold decisions up front will set you apart as a real leader.

Fatal Leadership Mistake #2: You hide in your ivory tower

Maybe you've got a cushy new office or are even working from company headquarters. It's tempting to just stay in your new spot and not venture out to 'ground zero'. But a good manager connects deeply with the everyday challenges of his employees, and you can't substitute face-time with other forms of communication.

Fatal Leadership Mistake #3: You shove your head in the sand when it comes to tough decisions

Your first managerial job comes with a lot of pressure – suddenly, you're not just acting out decisions, you're making them! The fear of making a mistake can paralyze you into hesitating when it comes to tough decisions.

Don't make this mistake! Tackle tough situations head on and don't be afraid to ask questions to those who know more than you do.

So as long as you make changes right off the bat, stay connected with your subordinates and bite the bullet when making tough decisions, your first few months in management will set a positive tone for the years to come.

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Just got promoted to manager? Don't make these fatal leadership mistakes in your first few months...
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