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Keep your employees happy and motivated! Here are some tried and tested methods

by , 30 April 2015
No matter what you do, if you want good results, you have to work with motivated teams and motivated employees. After all, a business is only as good as the people that work for it and that only shows the level of dedication involved in the story.

Your entrepreneurial skills can be tremendous, but you still need to make sure that when it comes to people, you pay attention to them and understand the way a motivated team offers results for the business on the long run.

Some employers think that's impossible and they give up after they either diminish their employees' wages (that's always a very big mistake) or promise them rewards but never actually give them (another big mistake).


Here are the facts that make the story of happy and motivated employees not only possible, but also successful:

1. Passion

If you want your employees to be productive, happy, pleased and motivated, they have to be passionate about what they do.

But how do you obtain that?

First of all, make sure you hire the right people. And make sure you deliver the company's promise once these people are hired.

"Passion is important because it preserves excitement from one project to the next. Passion is a huge part in what makes an employee excited about the work they are doing and should be instilled in everyone -- from the leadership team, all the way down to each employee.," reveals Entrepreneur.com.

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2. Positivity

Keep a positive atmosphere in the office and in any other departments. Although not everyone is going to have only good days, it's important not to neglect this aspect because you'll see better results at the end of the month.

"Once you and your employees get in the habit of making each day positive, you'll start to notice how little things no longer drag the whole team down and the spirit of the team is elevated", states the previously mentioned source.

3. Feedback

Your employees need to know where they stand so offer them your feedback. Make sure you discuss it together and you don't criticise their work. State the good traits and illustrate the points that need improvement.

Note that your role is not to criticise them, but to help them grow so that your business can grow together with them.

4. Collaboration

Rely on creativity for more productiveness and you'll see the magic happen.

"Allow several collaboration spaces with whiteboards, tables and chairs, so it's easy for people to work together. Different seating arrangements can be setup for different types of meetings to take place.

For instance, walls with whiteboards for creative brainstorming and drawing, table with chairs for reviewing documents or a comfortable seating lounge can be used for more conversation and networking to take place. By offering a collaborative environment, you ensure employees keep working as a team", writes the same source.

5. Sense of ownership

We've mentioned before the effect that offering responsibility has on any employee. Put people in charge and show that you trust them. Don't make them e afraid of the results or of showing initiative, knowing that if the things get messed up, they'll have to deal with the consequences. If you want to function as a team, you have to be in this together.

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Keep your employees happy and motivated! Here are some tried and tested methods
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