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Manage employees? Use these four communication secrets to get the best results from employees

by , 26 April 2013
As a manager, you have to be familiar with relationship management to understand human behaviour. When you understand how to develop relationships and communicate effectively, you'll be better equipped to positively interact with employees. Read on to discover four communication tips you can use to get the best results from your employees.

'Relationship management is about building and maintaining relationships with all internal role-players such as one's boss, peers, staff members and also external role-players such as customers, service providers, networking partners,' says The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service.

As a manager, it's vital that you're familiar with the many aspects that drive this process like effectively communicating with employees to get the best results from them. Good communication skills will help you achieve shared company objectives, expectations and business practices.

Four communication tips that'll help you get the best from employees

  1. Don't try to sound like 'the boss'. Avoid jargon to impress employees. They'll stop paying attention to what you're saying. Also 'don't talk abrasively, listen to employees effectively. Everyone has a contribution to make and you need teamwork to accomplish your collective goals,' advises the Loose Leaf.
  2. Don't rely on email too much to communicate with employees. 90% of communication is non-verbal. If you relying too much on email, you may alienate employees because you're missing out on an opportunity to create trust and respect by communicating verbally. Instead make an effort to speak one-on-one with each team member every day.
  3. Encourage employees to disagree with you. This encourages employees to offer effective alternative views on company matters. Critical thinking is necessary for good decisions. If employees 'just do what you say, you're not making use of a collective thinking process but just your own all the time,' warns the Loose Leaf.
  4. Ensure your body language always portrays a relaxed and competent image. Don't be embarrassed to laugh at your own shortcomings, you're human after all. If you're approachable and honest, employees will be more willing to come to you when they've made mistake.

Using these tips when communicating with employees will ensure you get the best results from them.

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Manage employees? Use these four communication secrets to get the best results from employees
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