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Mediocre performance could lead to a severe financial loss. Use these three motivators to get the most from underperforming employees

by , 30 December 2014
If your employees' underperform, your company suffers financially.

You don't make more money because productivity is low. On top of that, you have to pay your employees even though you're not getting your money's worth.

You can't afford to put up with this especially in this tough economy.

So what can you do to get the most from underperforming employees?

Experts behind the No Excuses Guide to Performance Management recommend you use the following three motivators so you can avoid a financial loss.

Three motivators to help you get the best from underperforming employees

1. Make employees feel part of the company
Sometimes employees underperform because they feel like they don't belong.
According to the experts, employees who share the values of the company work harder to achieve goals.
So align your company values with those of the majority of your staff.
It's also a good idea to do a value audit at least once a year. This way, you can see if you're actually living out your values.
Remember, if you don't stick to your values, your employees with lose their faith in you. And they won't have the motivation to improve performance.

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2. Tell employees what you expect of them
The reason for the underperformance could be that your employees aren't sure about what you expect. So give a good basic outline of the standard of work you expect.
Use a good induction programme, good performance contracts and regular discussions with employees to motivate them, says the experts behind The 'No Excuses!' Guide to Performance Management.
You mustn't only have discussions when things go wrong.
Have regular meetings and listen to what your employees have to say about themselves and their jobs.
These meetings could make you realise the way you operate contributes to underperformance. If that's the case, you can correct your faults.
3. Allow employees to make suggestions
Make sure your employees feel they have a valuable contribution to make. This will motivate them and they will give more of themselves when doing work.
And remember, if you allow them to make suggestions, but never take up any of them, they'll stop contributing.
Using these three motivators will help you get the most from underperforming employees. The end result: You'll avoid financial loses.
PS: Check out Practical Guide to Human Resources Management for more ways to motivate underperforming employees.

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Mediocre performance could lead to a severe financial loss. Use these three motivators to get the most from underperforming employees
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