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Motivate your employees to be star performers

by , 25 February 2014
Motivational problems in your company or team can seriously affect staff morale and performance.
If this is not detected and addressed early, it becomes a negative spiral that feeds on itself. Find out if you have a motivational problem in your company.

Do you have a motivation problem in your company or team?

Do this motivation test?
o    A high or higher than normal staff turnover
o    Your star performers want to jump ship (and because of pushing, not pulling factors)
o    People are taking long breaks (and there is a lot of negative talk in the coffee or smoking area)
o    People arrive late for work and/or leave early
o    A high or higher level of absenteeism
o    A general low mood in the company, no commitment and no passion for making a difference
o    Presenteeism and 'go-slow' - staff is 'present' but their souls aren't
o    Performance and productivity are down and accidents up
o    People are taking shortcuts
o    Unethical behaviour is on the increase
o    People are blatantly sabotaging the system or organisational efforts

If you ticked more than 50% of these items you need to review and address your practices that might be detrimental to staff motivation.

15 tips to motivate your staff
1.    Involve employees in problem solving and make them part of the solution
2.    Treat employees as customers or potential customers and nurture the relationship
3.    Treat people as individuals and not part of the herd. Each individual has different needs and aspirations that should be addressed
4.    Look for a cultural fit when appointing new employees
5.    Offer possibilities and opportunities for growth and development
6.    Offer flexible work arrangements (e.g. flexitime, work from home, salary structuring)
7.    Limit the number of rules, regulations and policies, and rather focus on a few core values and principles that will guide behaviour
8.    Provide a clear sense of purpose and role clarity for each team and employee and feedback on their contribution
9.    Regularly communicate in an open and transparent way

10.    Reward, recognise and praise outstanding performance in a fair and consistent way
11.    Nurture a cohesive organisational climate where every employee feels part of and wants to work for your Company
12.    Nurture relationships with employee's core family and make them supporters of your company. E.g. recognising the importance of a balanced life and involving family members in events
13.    Demonstrate an inspirational leadership style
14.    Provide leadership in times of change and uncertainty
15.    Provide employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to make them feel capable. Invest in training.

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Motivate your employees to be star performers
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