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Performance management 101: Eight factors that affect your company's HPS

by , 18 February 2014
Understanding the Human Performance System (HPS) is crucial when it comes to performance management. Continue reading to find out the eight factors that can affect it...

In this article, we told you about the HPS and how it can help you manage employee performance.

Now we're going to tell you about factors that can affect the HPS.

Eight things that affect the HPS

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says if your employee's poor performance isn't because of a problem within the HPS, it could be related to an external factor.

'Sometimes even a very effective HPS can still be affected by something which is outside of the system itself but can have a big impact on the output the employee delivers,' adds the Guide.

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Some of these factors include:

  1. Missing or broken materials
  2. No clear direction or expected output
  3. Interference while trying to do their work
  4. Lack of any meaningful feedback
  5. Strong negative consequences for trying to do the job
  6. No positive consequences for succeeding
  7. Broken, unavailable, obsolete equipment
  8. Lack of training or other preparation.

Is there a way to overcome these factors?

Yes, there is.

If you want to achieve the best results, you need to critically assess your employees' performance

If their outputs meet the desired standards and criteria you've set for them, then their HPS is well-balanced and healthy and all components are probably functioning well within the system.

On the other hand, if your employee isn't producing the desired output, or isn't producing it to the standards you require, you must determine why. Investigate whether one or more of the system's components needs your urgent attention.

Knowing the eight factors that affect the HPS and how to deal with them will help you maximise the impact each HPS element has on your employees' performance and ensure you set the stage for superior performance.

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Performance management 101: Eight factors that affect your company's HPS
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