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Performance reviews can be a nightmare... But not if you follow these three tips

by , 28 May 2013
Performance reviews are often a painful experience for you and your employee. They're often not as valuable or motivating as it should be! And why don't they work? Perhaps you don't discuss possible growth opportunities after the assessment. Perhaps you discussed a raise right after a bad review?

Whatever the reason is, here're my tips to make your performance reviews easier....

Performance reviews can be a nightmare… But not if you follow these three tips

Mid-year reviews are coming up, and so many managers tick a box to show they've had a review meeting. They focus on getting a review done, instead of the goal of the review. What do you want out of your next performance review? Is it better performance from your employees? Or to discuss the targets not reached? Either way, define the purpose of your review before you begin. With your employee's review you'll move from where you were to where you want to be.

Here's another thing. Think back to your last performance review. Did you congratulate your well performing employee on what he'd achieved and let the story end there? Sure you've discussed the results as you should, but what happens next? Instead, set real goals for your employee like how to improve his work habits or how to resolve ineffective duties. You'll see a difference very quickly when you give positive feedback on where to go next.

I have one more tip so keep reading to find out what it is.


Own the first Performance Review Software in line with the Labour Law, designed by professionals exclusively for you, now!

All you need is a computer, and this software. Then all you need to do:
-    Select the field that the employee is in;
-    Select the performance evaluation criteria for his job title;
-    Fill in the evaluation form;
-    Send it off to the employee and his manager to each fill in; and
-    Sit back and watch the results generate.

You don't have to spend hours gathering and capturing manual information about an employee's performance, you only need this one tool...


Performance reviews can be a nightmare… But not if you keep reading!

It's found to be taboo to discuss your employee's performance with salary issues in the same meeting. Employees often argue about the assessment before they take responsibility for the work. Talking about money in this kind of meeting would be a disaster! Any money issues like a raise should always be the last thing you talk about. When the review's over, set up another meeting to discuss your decision about a raise.

Change your perspective and your performance reviews will be a breeze.  But before you begin let's be honest... They can be time consuming, and trying to gather all the information you need can be hair-raising. Here's my gold nugget, get your hands on the Performance Review Software. It's the first of its kind in South Africa. It's easy to use and very efficient! You'll definitely sail through your next performance review with this software installed on your computer.

Best regards,

Miriro Matema
Product Manager – Practical Guide to Human Resources Management

P.S. The Performance Review Software is in line with the Labour Law, and was designed by professionals exclusively for you! Get it now and make your job a lot easier!

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Performance reviews can be a nightmare... But not if you follow these three tips
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