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Remember these five key points to ensure your employee's performance reviews are a success

by , 12 February 2013
HR studies show that you can improve your employee's productivity by 50% simply by holding regular performance reviews. Imagine the benefits of unlocking this reserve and channelling it to achieve your company's goals. Here are five things you must remember to ensure your employees' performance reviews are a success.

A performance review is the workplace equivalent of a report card – it benefits supervisors and employees by identifying how to bring out their respective best, says smallbusiness.chron.com.
That's why it's so important to meet with your employees regularly (between two and four times a year) to encourage and reinforce good performance, identify training opportunities or resolve performance issues.
To ensure your performance review helps you get the best out of your employee, here are five points you must consider, says the Practical Guide to Human Resources.
Five ways to hold a successful employee performance review
1. Focus on results: Keep the review focused on the job itself and the direct responsibilities involved. To do this, you can go through your employee's job description, and discuss positive performance results for each section.
2. Use your performance appraisal as an opportunity to motivate your staff: During the performance review, explore the following:
  • What your employee's most favourite part of the job is.
  • The areas of the job that contribute the most to your employee' personal growth objectives.
  • Your employee's most valued learning experiences, successes or failures.
  • Your employee's strengths and weaknesses.
By knowing the answers to these areas, you'll understand what motivates your employee and can build on the responses to maintain and increase levels of motivation, enthusiasm and commitment to future performance and objectives.
3. Use the review platform as a way to build relationships and understanding: A performance review is a great way to build partnerships to achieve greater success. Relate your employee's personal performance to the objectives of the company so they understand the big picture and their role in it.
4. Keep it positive: Your employee should see his performance review as a window of opportunity to address issues that may be overlooked in the day-to-day work situation. Encourage this and use them as opportunities to resolve issues.
5. Support the values of the company: 'The way you approach the performance review will give a clear indication of the real value you place on the company's people. Is there a sincere desire to empower staff, motivate them and build mutual trust, or not? If your company values include participation, honesty, openness and transparency, these values must be reflected in the review. If they are not, the results will be damaging to the company and the level of respect and trust in management,' HR specialist, Jeff Flynn writes in the Practical Guide to Human Resources.
Used correctly, performance reviews can take your employees' performance to the next level. By keeping these five tips in mind, you'll be able to conduct more successful reviews that'll benefit your company in the long run.

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Remember these five key points to ensure your employee's performance reviews are a success
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