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Revealed: The secret to turning performance reviews into a positive experience...

by , 14 March 2013
'Performance review' - two words that set managers' nerves on edge. But as the Australia's cricket team have just discovered, you shouldn't skip them. Instead, sail through your next performance review with no hard feelings and lots of positive outcomes by making these changes...

It may seem like you're saving time by breezing through performance review season by just touching on the surface and not sharing any real insights, but you're not helping anyone by doing so.
It's even worse to skip performance reviews altogether.
This is something that Australian cricketer James Pattinson knows all too well.
He's just accepted that he's been suspended for a match as punishment for the disciplinary breach of not doing a performance review, says News.com.au.
Pattison adds that there's no excuse for failing to invest in the team culture by holding performance reviews.
That's because you're obligated to do performance reviews as part of performance management
And you'll find that a well-implemented performance management process is beneficial to the company, its managers and employees, says Global Business Solutions.
So phrases like 'I would not allow this employee to breed' and 'works well under constant supervision and cornered like a rat in a trap' may seem funny, but they don't actually help anyone.
Because performance management is more than just telling someone what to do and if they've failed to meet expectations. 
So if an employee knows he's slipped up recently and that you're likely to focus on this is the annual performance review coming up, chances are he'll be agitated and  expecting the worst.
It's easy to make the performance review a positive experience!
The longer you wait to take corrective action, the more money and opportunity your company will lose from poor performance, says Fox Business.
That's why FSP Business suggests holding informal discussions more often to check that employees are on track to meet your expectations and to clear up any worries they may have.
Is your employee happy? Use your performance review to check!
Checking in with your employee more regularly through short informal feedback sessions will also give you an idea of whether your employee's enjoying her job and on track to meet performance targets.
The Labour Bulletin adds that you can use counselling and coaching to reach peak performance targets the moment you notice a problem in employee performance. 
Simple as that. Implement these steps in your company's performance management system and you can look forward to smoother, more beneficial performance reviews!

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Revealed: The secret to turning performance reviews into a positive experience...
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