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Revealed: The single thing you need to do to ensure successful performance reviews

by , 26 March 2013
A mall in California that organised a kiss-in after throwing out a gay couple for kissing on its premises has been accused of 'not being sorry for what happened - it's sorry for getting caught'. One way to ensure your employees' behaviour doesn't follow a similar hypocritical path? Make sure they have clear job expectations for their performance right from the outset...

The Westfield mall in Roseville, California, which kicked out a gay couple for kissing, is about to see a lot more of it as it now holds a 'kiss in'.
The mall apologised for any misperceptions, says Towleroad.
It explained that security guards weren't sure what to do when they caught the couple kissing so they acted on instinct.
This just shows why clear job expectations are a necessity.
Because the whole incident could have been avoided if the security guards knew from the outset what the mall's stance was on public displays of affection.
That's also why employees sometimes act one way this week with a complete about-face in their behaviour the next.
They're trying to figure out what type of behaviour you expect of them.
Help your employees understand what's expected of them with a detailed job description
Good employee performance starts with a detailed job description that outlines everything from what the job entails to key performance areas and the company structure. 
A good performance management system will also outline standards of performance and specific tasks, says FSP Business
So if you put in place clear expectations of their behaviour from the outset, your employees should know how to act in any situation, and simplify your job when performance review season rolls around. 
But performance management is about more than just telling someone what to do and if they've failed to meet expectations. 
Make job expectations clear during induction training to prevent problems down the line!
This should be made clear right from the start, in the employee's employment contract and induction training.
That way, you'll make the performance review a lot smoother as it won't just be a 'laundry list' of the employee's actions over the past year.
Because if an employee knows he's slipped up recently and that you're likely to focus on this is the annual performance review coming up, chances are he'll be agitated and expecting the worst, says FSP Business.
Instead, you can use the time set aside for performance reviews to check in with how your employee's handling his responsibilities and if there's anything he'd like more training in.
By making these changes to your existing performance review system, you'll soon find you're looking forward to checking in with employees during performance reviews!

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