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Set upinformal discussions with new employeesinstead of conducting formalperformance reviews

by , 12 February 2013
The 'performance-reviewprocess is not quite dead, but certainly has room for improvement,' says the HR Executive Online website. While your business probably has a standard performance reviewpolicy in place, you shouldimplement the performance review process differently for each department to ensure they fulfil their purpose. Now research shows you should also consider tailoring your performance review process based on the employee's age...

You hire younger employeesfor 'their fresh knowledge, strong technical skills, and growth potential, but managing young people effectively requires a different strategy than some of your other employees,'says the ERC website.
And with the retirement of more than 25% of the workforce occurring over the next several years, it's important that you actively prepare the next generation of workers, says the Labour Bulletin.
Becauseyounger employeescome with a different skill set to the old hands, you'll need to tailor your performance reviews accordingly. Especially as new employeestend to find their first performance review stressful no matter how well they're performing.
Here's how to set new employees andyounger employeesat ease during a performance reviews
Formal feedback processes can seem daunting to younger employees, which is why an informal review might put them at ease, writes the PayScale blog.
So even if you stick to the company's formal performance review process, you should create an informal communication channel with new employees andyounger employeeswhere they can raise any questions or concerns without fear of being 'shot down' in a scary review session.
This could mean meeting with them for five minutes once a week or making it clear that they're welcome to approach you at any time with their work worries.
This 'instant feedback' makes the performance review process truly valuable for all employees, says the HRExecutive Online website.
You'll also build a better relationship with younger employeesin the long run as they won't be afraid to approach you for guidance or advice.
Your new employeeswill be reassured that they'll have tackled any big 'job fears' before the performance review, which should result in less stress all round when preparing for the performance review.
You're obliged to do performance reviews. That's why you need an extremely easy to use, highly efficient system.
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Set upinformal discussions with new employeesinstead of conducting formalperformance reviews
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