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Six effective mid-year performance review questions you should ask your employees...

by , 01 June 2014
For some companies, June means mid-year performance reviews. And with that comes the difficult task of trying to find out how far the employee has come since the last review. Asking him useful questions will help guide your discussion...

Send these six questions a few days before the review so your employee can think about his answers.
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Six questions to ask your employees during mid-year performance reviews…
1. Give an example of an instance where you used (specific skill)
Tailor this question to address a skills gap you've noticed. E.g. negotiation skills, assertiveness, time management, etc. The answer will tell you if an employee has actively worked on improving the skill. It'll also help identify situations when he could've applied the skill more effectively.
2. Give an example of a situation you'd handle differently if it re-occurred
This helps the employee reflect on situations he feels he didn't handle as effectively as he could have. You can set his mind at ease by reassuring him he did everything he could in that instance. Or you can help him prepare for a similar situation in the future by giving him the necessary training or advice.
3. What do you feel you've achieved since the last review?
This will help your employee reflect on what he did well and feel proud about what he's achieved. Praise him for accomplishments.

Keep reading to find out the other three questions...

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4. What do you feel hasn't gone well since your last review? Why do you think they didn't go well? What can be changed to prevent this?
Your employee can tell you about situations he feels should be improved and why. Discuss what he can change to do his job better. E.g. a system change or an updated process.
5. What would help you do your job better?
This question is similar to the one above. But it's rephrased to include situations that would work better if changed.
6. How can I help you achieve more? What would you like me to do differently?
This helps you learn what you're doing right or wrong, and how you can improve. Remember: Don't get defensive about any negative feedback. Thank team members for their input and use the information to improve.
Ask these essential questions bi-annually or quarterly so you get a feel of how you can help employees achieve their goals and improve their performance. 

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