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Six points you need to know about 360 degree appraisals and feedback

by , 17 July 2014
When it comes to performance appraisals, more and more companies are moving towards the 360 degree appraisal method because it's more fair and effective.

With this method, you get different views about your employee's performance from co-workers who are affected by it and who are in the best position to give you feedback.

Since 360 degree appraisals or 360 degree feedback involves a number of people, there are important points we believe you should know to effectively assess your employees' performance with this method.

Here are the six key points every employer must know about this appraisal method

Point #1: 360 degree feedback can benefit your company in these six ways.

Point #2: These are the six steps you can take to complete the 360 degree feedback process to assess employee performance.

Point #3: You can use these two ways to get and integrate 360-degree feedback.

Point #4: Here's why you should assess executive performance with a 360-degree performance appraisal.

Point #5: When it comes to 360 degree appraisals, these are the two approaches you can use to assess executive performance.

Point #6: While 360-degree appraisals are effective, you must be aware of these four drawbacks.

Now that you know the key points about 360 degree appraisals and feedback, make sure you effectively assess your employees' performance.

In addition to these points, we recommend you check out our Performance Review Software to strengthen your performance assessment processes.

It's the first performance review software available in South Africa. And it's 100% in line with the 2014 Labour Law.

It'll help you quickly and accurately determine:

- Your employees' skill levels;
- How every employee contributes to overall business performance;
- The training and skill enhancing requirements for every one of your employees;
- How to properly motivate your employees;
- The required disciplinary measures.

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Six points you need to know about 360 degree appraisals and feedback
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