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Six steps you must follow if you think your employee is incapable of doing his job

by , 24 June 2015
Do you have an employee who just isn't performing his job properly?

Sometimes encouraging him to change his behaviour to meet the needs and expectations of the job isn't enough.

In this case, it's necessary to follow an incapacity process to find out if he's capable of doing the job you've assigned to him.

Six steps you must follow to determine if your employee's capable of doing his job

This process is correct and in line with legal requirements. It's important you follow it closely.
Step 1
Ensure the employee has defined and measurable goals. For example, a job profile.
Step 2
Conduct regular performance reviews – both formal and informal.
Step 3
If performance deviation occurs, provide the employee with assistance to enable him to improve performance. Assistance could be in the form of:
Counselling; and/or 


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Step 4
If performance reviews indicate poor or non-performance, you should inform the employee of the exact requirements to correct performance deviation.
Step 5
You can terminate the incapacity process if the employee's performance improves sufficiently to meet the requirements of the job (after a reasonable period of time). If performance doesn't improve, you should gather all the necessary evidence, both of support provided and indications of poor and non-performance.
Step 6
In your incapacity meeting, you'll meet with the employee to discuss a specific improvement plan. The improvement plan must detail the following:
The 'what' (that the employee must achieve);
The 'how' (way the work must be done); and 
The when (that the work must be done by).
It's always a good idea to document all incapacity proceedings in detail, but it's especially important that the improvement plan and consequences are formalised and signed by both you and the employee.

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Six steps you must follow if you think your employee is incapable of doing his job
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