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Staff loyalty: Use these 14 tips to increase job satisfaction

by , 19 December 2013
The best way to retain valuable staff members is to build their loyalty to your company. How do you do this? Increase job satisfaction by using these fourteen tips...

There's a link between employee satisfaction and employee loyalty.

'Employees that are more satisfied are likely to stay at their job longer than those that are dissatisfied, and employees that are loyal are more likely to be satisfied employees than employees that are disloyal.'

So how do you build staff loyalty?

Increase job satisfaction with these 14 tips

  1. Consider flexible work arrangements.
  2. Implement training and other professional growth opportunities.
  3. Encourage interesting work that offers variety and challenge and allows your worker opportunities to 'put his or her signature' on the finished product.
  4. Explore opportunities for your employees to use their talents and be creative.
  5. Provide opportunities for them to take responsibility and direct their own work.
  6. Create a stable, secure work environment that includes job security and continuity.
  7. Ensure employees have support, have access to you and receive timely feedback from you and management.
  8. Try to group together team members who get along.
  9. Use up-to-date technology.
  10. Ensure salaries are competitive and offer opportunities for promotion.
  11. Place people with similar backgrounds, experiences or needs in the same workgroup. Ensure you're fair and give due consideration to training and promotions and be careful to place the right mix of personalities and educational background together to prevent discrimination and resentment becoming a factor.
  12. Make sure the type of work matches the employee. For example, a person who doesn't pay attention to detail wouldn't make a good inspector and a shy worker is unlikely to be a good salesperson.
  13. Give increased responsibility, scope and challenge when appropriate.
  14. Introduce a reward scheme.

Remember, 'if team members get along, it will increase job satisfaction and productivity since they see more of each other than their families. Try to match team members who work well together and complement each other,' says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

The bottom line: If employees are satisfied with their jobs, they'll be loyal to your company and they'll be more productive. So use these tips to increase job satisfaction so you won't lose your top performers to your competitors.

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Staff loyalty: Use these 14 tips to increase job satisfaction
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