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Study finds: Pointing all your employees' flaws during performance reviews produces disgruntled staff

by , 06 March 2014
A recent study has found that employers who point out all of their employees' flaws during performance reviews are more likely to demotivate their employees instead of improving their performance. Here's more info on the study...

Could you be demotivating your staff by pointing out all their flaws?

Business News Daily reports that a study led by Kansas State University assistant professor of Management, Satoris Culbertson, found that nobody -even people who are motivated to learn likes negative performance reviews.

According to the report, as part of the study, researchers classified employees according to three categories based on their goal orientations:

  1. Learning goal-oriented: These are employees who like to learn for the sake of learning. They often pursue challenges despite setbacks.
  2. Performance-prove goal-oriented: These employees want to prove that they have competence to perform a job.
  3. Performance-avoid goal-oriented: These are employees who want to avoid looking foolish.

The results?

Culbertson, one of the study's authors says in the report that: 'Surprisingly, we found that learning-oriented people were just as dissatisfied with an appraisal that had negative feedback as the performance-oriented people were.'

'Nobody likes to get negative feedback -- even those individuals who aren't trying to prove anything to others, but instead are just trying to learn as much as possible.'

So how do you avoid demotivating your employees when giving them feedback?

Culbertson says you e must be careful when giving feedback to employees.

She says 'negative feedback is different from constructive feedback in that the latter also points on steps that can be taken to improve. In addition, feedback is better received when it comes from a credible, trustworthy source.'

She adds: 'It's not so much that the performance review needs to be abolished, but we need to fix what is broken. Instead of limiting ourselves to formal performance appraisals conducted once or twice a year, we need to think about performance management as a system that is linked with the strategy of the entire organisation.'

We recommend you use these tips to make sure you and your employee get the most out of performance review feedback.

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Study finds: Pointing all your employees' flaws during performance reviews produces disgruntled staff
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