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Successful managers use these seven tips to ensure their performance reviews run smoothly

by , 20 June 2014
Performance reviews have been around for decades.

According to whatishumanresource.com, the roots of performance reviews in the 20th century can be traced back to Frederick Winslow Taylor's pioneering Time and Motion studies. But, as a distinct and formal management procedure used in the evaluating of work performance, reviews dates from the time of the Second World War.

You'd think the fact that reviews have been around for so long would make it easier to do them.

Sadly that's not the case.

Some employers dread reviews. As a result, not much comes out from the process. And this means employee performance isn't evaluated properly.

Don't let this happen in your workplace.

Read on to discover seven tips that successful managers use to conduct seamless performance reviews.

If you want your performance reviews to run smoothly, use these seven tips successful managers use

Tip 1: Successful managers follow these three expert rules when carrying out performance reviews.

Tip 2: They apply these ten methods to survive employee performance reviews.

Tip 3: When the going gets tough, they use these two tips to deal with sullen, disinterested and non-responsive behaviour during performance reviews.

Tip 4: They ask employees these five questions during a performance review to find ways to improve their performance.

Tip 5: They also ask employees these six questions to find out about previous performance achievements.

Tip 6: When conducting performance reviews for new staff, they apply these methods…

Tip 7: When all else fails, successful managers use these two secrets to conduct performance reviews.

There you have it. These are the tips successful managers apply when it comes to performance reviews. Take a leaf out of their book and you'll see a difference – your reviews will run smoothly.

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Successful managers use these seven tips to ensure their performance reviews run smoothly
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