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The easiest way to simplify your performance reviews - and ensure employees meet performance goals!

by , 11 March 2013
New employees tend to flounder at the start. There's so much to take in, it's often hard to know where to get started. Kenya's new leaders won't face this problem though, as they're signing performance contracts as soon as they're sworn into government. Here's how to adopt a similar policy in your company, to simplify the performance review cycle and ensure employees meet their performance goals.

With Uhuru Kenyatta finally announced as the victor of the Kenyan elections, there's set to be a clear change in the management style in the country.
So much so that officials will sign performance contracts upon being sworn in, reports the Sunday Nation.
Make performance goals clear in job descriptions so new employees hit the ground running!
This is a great way to ensure your new employee will meet the expectations you've set out in his job description. 
And when performance review season rolls around, you'll have proof that employees knew what was expected of them from the very first day.
It's a win-win situation as they'll be more likely to meet their performance goals, expectations and standards as they'll know what to work towards and ask questions if there's anything they don't understand. 
You can also make the performance review easier by telling employees to track their achievements by writing them down as they happen, so they have a clear list when their performance review comes around, adds FSP Business.
But there's another secret to getting top performance from your employees.
Change your management style to improve employees' performance!
The Labour Bulletin says all you have to do is avoid the command-and-control management approach that so many find demotivating. 
A change in management style and type of interaction with your employees can have a great influence on productivity, excellence, quality, and competitive spirit, and you'll definitely notice an improvement when it comes time to review your employees' performance.
The Labour Bulletin adds that you can use counselling and coaching to get peak performance results the moment you notice a problem in employee performance. 
Whether it's a lack of job-specific knowledge or skills, you don't have to wait to discuss this with your employee at her at the next performance review. 
Schedule a quick informal discussion with her to discover what she's struggling with and you'll soon be on the path to improved employee performance all round. 


You're obliged to do performance reviews. That's why you need an extremely easy to use, highly efficient system.

The First Performance Review Software Available in South Africa

Human Resources management software plays a key role in this whole process, by simplifying everything for you.

- In accordance with the 2013 Labour Law -


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The easiest way to simplify your performance reviews - and ensure employees meet performance goals!
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