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Thirteen smart ways to improve your company's performance appraisals

by , 24 July 2014
Experts behind the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management define a performance appraisal as the process of evaluating how well your employee is performing.

The great thing about a performance appraisal is it determines the effectiveness of your employees' actions and ensures they're on the right track to meet your company's ongoing objectives.

To get the most out of this performance management process, we recommend you use these 13 tips to improve your company's performance appraisals.


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Here's how to improve your company's performance appraisals

Here are the 13 tips hr.toolbox.com recommends you use to improve your performance appraisals:

Tip #1: Clearly identify your objectives;

Tip #2: Have your employee complete a self-assessment;

Tip #3: Redefine or reconfirm the purpose of the job, the duties and the responsibilities;

Tip #4: Define the priority of and set objectives for each responsibility;

Tip #5: Establish specific performance standards;

Tip #6: Be specific when addressing areas requiring improvement (i.e., facts, figures, work records, reports, etc.);

Tip #7: Be specific when addressing examples of unacceptable conduct (not general references to 'laziness' or 'bad attitude'). Cite specific examples as much as possible;

Tip #8: Present, discuss and agree on a performance improvement plan if necessary;

Tip #9: Set ongoing goals;

Tip #10: Provide the opportunity for feedback, not only during the meeting but by allowing your employee to respond to the evaluation in writing, detailing their disagreement or position;

Tip #11: Solicit as much feedback as possible not only about the performance issue but also about what your employee would like to improve, what professional development, training, new assignments and challenges in general she has in mind for herself;

Tip #12: If performance in some area(s) doesn't meet your standards, then agree to set frequent and regularly scheduled performance discussions;

Tip #13: Before closing the meeting, be sure to ask if there's anything else your employee wants to discuss, thereby maintaining a conversational rather than a confrontational tone.

There you have it. We hope these tips will help you improve performance appraisals in your workplace. If you need more information on appraisals, be sure to check out the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management so you can get the most from your performance management processes.

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Thirteen smart ways to improve your company's performance appraisals
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