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Three tips to help you motivate employee productivity

by , 08 May 2013
Creating a motivational work environment that'll result in employees giving their best performance starts when you understand what motivates them. Read on to discover three tips that'll help you understand your employees so you can motivate them to be more productive.

As an employer, it's vital you understand what employees want from work. Understanding this will help you know what matters to employees so you can get them to perform better at work.

You need to understand that 'engaged employees are more productive, achieve better results and stay longer in a company than other employees,' says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

But, how do you get the insight that'll help you understand your employees better and how do you use this information to foster heightened productivity?

Three tips you can use to help you understand your employees better so you can motivate them

Tip #1: Observe your employees carefully over an extended period of time

See what your employees tend to do and say in various situations and assess what's important to them. Finding this out will help you motivate them in these areas.

  • Ask yourself: Do they focus on positives or negatives? Do they express their feelings easily? What hits their emotional hot buttons? What do they value? Does the person interact comfortably with others or is the person more of a loner? Does the person like to analyse things thoroughly before acting or is the person driven to action?

Tip #2: Ask employees what they need from you as their manager

Employees might tell you whether they prefer regular contact and support or whether they prefer autonomy and independence. 'Use this knowledge to flex your management style appropriately to meet your employee's different needs,' says the Loose Leaf.

Tip #3: Know three non-work things about employees

This includes knowing your employees' interests and hobbies, family or something else you can chat about. If you take time to ask employees a few personal questions, you'll find you have something in common with just about everyone of them. Having something in common will help improve your relationship with the employee and allow you to individualise it.

If you understand what motivates your employees you'll know what buttons to push to make them more productive.

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Three tips to help you motivate employee productivity
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