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Three ways to manage expectations and improve your employees' performance

by , 16 October 2013
Expectations are 'visions' of a future state or action. If you allow an employee to express expectations, you allow her to accomplish what she set out to achieve. Read on to discover how to manage expectations so you can ensure a job gets done well and on time.

According to the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management, when you manage a team, deal with a conflict situation or even conduct a performance review, proper relationship management of your employees involves getting your employees to express their expectations.

Expectations are a measurement of an employee's individual success.

Basically, job descriptions or explanations don't drive decisions and actions – expectations do.

That's why you need to manage expectations well.

When you manage expectations, you need to:

  • Set expectations;
  • Monitor expectations; and
  • Influence expectations.

Let's take a closer look at each of these steps.

Here's how to manage expectations and improve your employee's performance

Step #1: Set expectations

Expectations are based on past experiences or insights gained from others or events – whether rational, valid or not, says the Guide.

Step #2: Monitor expectations

You must manage the expectation by listening to the employee who expressed the expectation in the first place.

Step #3: Influence expectations

Once you've identified expectations, you can then influence (or manage)'expectations.

If employees don't understand that their expectations are irrational or invalid, you need to educate them and give them a lot more information.

The bottom line: 'Managed expectations drive your success. Everything else is secondary,' says the Consulting Academy.

If you follow these three steps, you'll be sure to manage expectations and improve employee performance.

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Three ways to manage expectations and improve your employees' performance
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