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Turn a poor performing employee into a star performer with the one way to give negative feedback constructively....

by , 09 November 2016
Turn a poor performing employee into a star performer with the one way to give negative feedback constructively....If you give employees bonuses and increases in December, you've probably started scheduling your review meetings and looking at your employees' performance.

One of the least enjoyable parts of a review is having to give an employee negative feedback. Because we tend to see negative comments as criticism. And none of us like to be criticised.

So what do you need to remember when giving your employee negative feedback in a way that motivates him?
The only way is with these five tips…

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Firstly… When would you have to give negative feedback?

The whole reason behind giving negative feedback is to make your employee aware of the problem or issue. This is so he can correct or improve his performance or behaviour.
And, if you don't give him feedback in a way that actually helps him, you're basically signing a permission slip for him to fall into a downward spiral of negativity and poor performance.
But, there's one way you can turn him into your star performer while giving him negative feedback, and it's with these five tips…

Show that poor performer the door without landing yourself at the CCMA
Joe's always making costly mistakes, missing deadlines, delaying processes, aggravating clients – all of which costs you time and money to fix. He's constantly busy, but doesn't meet any of his targets. And he always has a long list of excuses that go hand-in-hand with each mishap.
But here's the bottom line: He just can't do the job!
If you're like most managers, the next logical step is to get rid of him and get someone who can do the job. But watch out, that could cost you BIG. You may as well give him a blank cheque!
But not if you have this single resource


Use these five tips to give negative feedback during an employee appraisal
#1. Always be specific and focus and focus on the actual area of negativity

Be information-specific, issue-focused and make sure you base all your feedback on observations and facts. This is so the employee can see for himself, and see that it isn't just your opinion.
#2: Don't beat around the bush

Tell him like it is, say what the issue is in a straightforward manner. Don't leave any room for interpretation.
#3: Avoiding phrases that have the words 'need to' in them
For example, don't tell James he 'needs to be more careful when working near chemicals'. This implies that he did something wrong but doesn't tell him what the actual problem is. Be clear about the problem.
#4: Don't mix your messages

While you always need to say what you have to say with respect, words like 'but', 'however' and 'although' makes your employee think that he shouldn't believe a thing you said before it.
#5: Express concern

A tone of concern shows what you're talking about is important. and adds a certain amount of sincerity to the message. Tones like anger, frustration, disappointment, and the ever-popular sarcasm tend to colour the language of the message. And this often turns negative feedback into criticism.

So now you know how to turn negative feedback into something that will help your employee improve your business… Do you know how to carry out the most effective performance reviews?
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Turn a poor performing employee into a star performer with the one way to give negative feedback constructively....
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