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Two performance appraisal methods you should try to successfully evaluate your employees

by , 07 July 2014
There are more than ten performance appraisal methods. Included on that list is the paired comparison analysis method and the weighted checklist method.

Continue reading to find out more information about these two appraisal methods so you can try them out in your workplace.

Here's what you need to know about the paired comparison analysis appraisal

According to humanresources.hrvinet.com, a paired comparison analysis is a good way of weighing up the relative importance of options.

With this method, you list a range of plausible options. You compare each option against each of the other options. You then tailor the results and, the option with the highest score, becomes your preferred option.

The paired comparison analysis appraisal is useful where priorities aren't clear. It helps you to set priorities where there are conflicting demands on your resources. And this makes it easy to choose the most important problem to solve, or select the solution that gives you the greatest advantage.

Now that you know about the paired comparison analysis appraisal, let's take a look at the weighted checklist appraisal.

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What you need to know about the weighted checklist performance appraisal

With this method, you evaluate your employee by preparing a large list of descriptive statements about effective and ineffective behaviour when it comes to the job.

If you strongly believe that your employee possesses a particular listed trait, you must check the item. Otherwise you can leave the item blank.

Here's a sample of the weighted checklist

  • Does he give respect to his superiors? Yes/No
  • Does he follow instructions properly? Yes/No
  • Does he make mistakes frequently? Yes/No

If you plan to use this method to evaluate your employee's performance, humanresources.hrvinet.com recommends you keep this in mind:

  • This method is expensive and time consuming; and
  • It becomes difficult for the manager to assemble, analyse and weigh a number of statements about the employee's characteristics, contributions and behaviours.

There you have it. Now that you know all about the paired comparison analysis method and the weighted checklist method, try them out to see if they're suitable for your company.

PS: If you want more information of performance appraisals, check out the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

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Two performance appraisal methods you should try to successfully evaluate your employees
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