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Two ways to get and integrate 360-degree feedback

by , 14 July 2014
360-degree feedback is a process where your employee gets performance feedback from his co-workers.

So how do you go about getting and integrating this feedback?

Here are two methods you can use...

Here are the two ways to get 360-degree feedback

  1. One-on-one interviews; and
  2. Team discussions.

Let's take a look at each of these methods more closely.

#1: One-on-one interviews

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management explains that this is an informal approach where you elicit feedback during one-on-one discussions with appraisers and integrate their feedback before the feedback discussion.

The good thing about the approach is that you get to explore certain areas with appraisers to get more meaningful insight into performance, development areas and objectives for the next period.

Now let's take a look at the second method you can use to get 360-degree feedback.

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#2: Team discussions

With this approach, you (the manager) discuss your employees' performance and development areas with the appraisers sitting around a table.

The key advantages of using team discussions are that:

  • You spend less time on discussions, compared to one-on-one discussions.
  • You get to explore performance and development areas and even brainstorm further with the people sitting around the table.
  • Sitting around the table with team members improves team communication and feedback.
  • If you encourage and facilitate debate, appraisers might learn from each other.

There you have it. We've given you two effective ways to get and integrate 360-degree feedback. Now the ball's in your court to choose the one that's best for your company.

PS: Please note that overall, there are four different ways to get and integrate 360-degree feedback. Check out the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management to get the last two methods you can use.

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Two ways to get and integrate 360-degree feedback
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