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Underperforming workers - a problem you can solve...

by , 08 February 2016
I bet this keeps you up at night... Wondering how to solve a problem like an underperforming worker? You know you can't just show him the door...

And for some employers, it's becoming a bit of a tightrope walk... Forever holding their breath for fear of an employee crying 'bullying' and 'unfair dismissal' at the first hint of trouble. And then, to add insult to injury, the employee heads off to the CCMA for compensation...

And this is what happens next...

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You need to prove you followed the right process with your poor performer…
The CCMA will scrutinise your performance management programs when an employee complains about an unfair dismissal. And a dismissal for poor performance will be easy to challenge if you can't show you tried to help him improve.

But there's a way you can reduce your risk of an unfair dismissal claim, or other action, by having proper procedures in place to deal with performance issues.

This way it will be harder for an employee to claim that your actions were workplace bullying or an unreasonable management action which go against an employee's rights.

And the best way to cover yourself is to have a performance management system in place…

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But what does performance management involve?

It's the process of evaluating and managing the performance of an employee. You must make sure it's consistent with the company's objectives, and with the specific goals and standards of that employee.

Performance management involves the following stages:
  • Identify performance standards;
  • Set goals for employees to work towards;
  • Offer feedback and reviews to employees about their performance;
  • Provide opportunities for further training or education;
  • Reward employees who perform well;
  • Counsel employees if their performance or conduct is poor; and
  • Discipline employees if his poor performance continues or he commits misconduct. Or where his performance or conduct is unacceptable.
Always follow up on the employee's performance review, to make sure he's addressing the issues. Normally after a week or two. If he isn't, you might need to manage his performance management further.

Probably the best advice I can give you is to join Janine Nieuwoudt at our How to Manage Poor Performers workshop. She'll guide you through the process of managing underperforming employees while explaining how you can minimise any potential legal risks involved. Book your seat now!


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Underperforming workers - a problem you can solve...
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