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Use team building to identify the key blockages in your team and improve team performance

by , 26 February 2013
If you always thought team building was just a waste of time - something 'fluffy' that has absolutely no bearing on company's performance - think again! As the murder of ANC regional secretary Obuti Chika by his colleagues has shown, effectively managing your team and developing team spirit through team building events can be vital. Read on to discover how to use team building effectively in your company...

Yesterday, North West Local Government and Traditional Affairs MEC China Dodovu became the eight – and most high-profile – suspect in the Chika murder case, reports IOL.

It's suspected Chika was murdered so his colleagues could climb the ANC ladder to further their political careers faster.

If that's the case, this tragic situation could likely have been avoided by building team spirit through events like team building. After all, team building brings 'employees closer and one feels happy to go to work daily. Individuals start enjoying their work and feel fresh the entire day', says managementstudyguide.com.

Effective team building can help you avoid unpleasant situations

'Team work and team building are essential in corporates to make the organisation a better place to work,' says managementstudyguide.com.

They're also a great way to improve the performance of the teams in your company by identifying and eliminating key blockages which may be preventing them from working effectively.

Four ways team building can help your company overcome key blockages that are hampering productivity

A key blockage is a human or material obstacle that negatively affects the performance of your team, explains The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

Common key team blockages include:

  1. A past event
  2. Poor quality of materials or equipment
  3. A restrictive policy or procedure
  4. Negative attitudes or cultural beliefs.

A useful way to improve your team's performance is to identify and eliminate key blockages during team building so you can overcome these blockages to prevent these issues from hampering your team's performance.

Once team building has shown you where your team's key blockages are, you can discuss the problem with your team and find ways to resolve it so you can work effectively going forward.


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Use team building to identify the key blockages in your team and improve team performance
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