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Use these five steps to manage your employee's poor performance

by , 29 April 2013
'Poor performance mustn't be tolerated. It affects your bottom line,' warns The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service. And if you've spent large sums of money on improving performance and productivity of your employees, there's no reason why should you tolerate under-performance. Read on to discover five steps you can use to manage poor performance by employees before it affects your business.

Managing poor performance is tricky, especially if you're not sure where to start. If it's not properly managed, it can have adverse effects on your business.

But there's a way you can prevent this from happening to your business.

Follow these five steps to manage poor performance in your company

The Labour Law for Managers Loose Leaf Service says the key ingredients of a problem-solving approach are to:

1. Explain and confirm the problem with your poor performing employee. Do this by using the P.E.E approach:

  • P: Explain the problem to your employee. Tell him that his poor performance isn't acceptable. Show him examples of his underperformance so that it's clear he understands. Don't speak in general terms. Be specific.
  • E: Confirm your expectations. Tell your employee what you expect of him.
  • E: Explain what effect the employee's underperformance has on the business.

2. Identify the underlying causes of the problem through discussions with your employee.

3. Brainstorm together with your employee as many solutions to the problem as possible without discussing or criticising them.

4. Afterwards, start evaluating the proposed solutions, based on their feasibility, practicality and affordability.

5. Put in place a detailed plan of action. The plan is your tool for managing your employee's poor performance. It can include the causes of the problem, how you'll deal with the problem and a time frame for remedying the problem.

Using these steps will help you manage your employee's poor performance before it affects your business.

Show that poor performer the door without landing yourself at the CCMA


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Use these five steps to manage your employee's poor performance
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