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Use these three methods to ensure your performance reviews are a success

by , 09 June 2014
You already know performance reviews or appraisals are important as they encourage and reinforce good performance from employees and iron out any problem areas.

But, do you know how to get the most out of them? How do you ensure they're not just another exercise employees dread?

Use these three methods to ensure your performance reviews are a success.

Successful managers use these three methods to get the most from their performance reviews

#1: Focus on the results

You must focus on the job itself and on your employee's direct responsibilities. Go through the job description and cover positive performance results for each section.

The Practical Guide to Human Resources Management says you must ensure you have a good understanding of the job and knowledge of what your employee has achieved during the review period.

'It reflects very poorly on a manager if she's out of touch with what's happening in her area of responsibility,' warns the Guide.

Remember NOT to make comments on behaviours and issues that have nothing to do with the job.

We're not done with performance appraisals…

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Two additional methods that will help ensure your performance reviews are a success

#2: Support your company's values

The way you approach the performance review gives a clear indication of the real value you place on your employees.

If, for example, your company's values include participation, honesty, openness and transparency, reflect these in the performance review. If you don't do this, the results will be damaging to your company. Employees will no longer trust and respect management.

#3: Keep the review positive

Make sure your performance review is a platform where you discuss ways to improve performance, relationships, morale, creativity and innovation.

'Recognising, praising and rewarding positive outcomes generates energy and vitality. While, criticism leads to demotivation, defensive and deviant behaviour,' cautions the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

There you have it. Use these three methods to get the most from performance reviews.

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Use these three methods to ensure your performance reviews are a success
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