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Use these three tips to improve your management style

by , 30 July 2014
Your management style has an impact on how your employees perform at work.

That's why it's important to take time to sharpen your management skills. If you do this, you'll get the most from your employees.

In fact, hiringmonster.com says, 'when you deliberately take the time and make the effort to build self-esteem in other people and simultaneously eliminate the fears that hold people back from putting their whole hearts into their work, a peak performance work environment blooms naturally around you, like flowers in the spring.'

Here are three tips you can use to improve your management style - this'll go a long way towards improving your employee's performance.

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Three tips to help you improve your management style

Tip #1: You need to be a great leader

According to the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management, traditionally, the two roles of leadership and management were separate. But increasingly, management and leadership are seen as inextricably linked. You need to do both.

Leadership is mostly an interpersonal activity. It's all about aligning employees with the bigger picture, motivating, developing and empowering them. Managing, on the other hand, focuses on planning, organising and controlling activities.

Tip #2: You need to have high expectations for results

You need to be both people-oriented and results-oriented.

This means you understand the importance of balancing your energy between taking care of your employees and creating results through them.

Tip #3: You need to earn the respect of your people

Being a great manager doesn't mean all your employees have to like you. What you need is their respect.

Always keep in mind that being appointed as a manager doesn't automatically give you this respect, you have to earn it.

We hope these three tips will help improve your management style because this goes a long way towards improving your employee's performance.


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Use these three tips to improve your management style
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