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Want to boost your employees' performance in 2015? Use these three ways of employee recognition

by , 05 January 2015
As an employer, you set goals for your company.

And boosting your employee's performance forms part of your goals.
You know that if you get this right, it can help you to be financially successful in 2015.

After all, improved employee performance means more productivity for your company.

So how do you go about boosting your employees' performance?

Use employee recognition of course.

Here are the three ways you can use employee recognition to boost your employees' performance in 2015.

Before we get to these three ways, let's look at why recognition is such an effective performance booster

Recognition makes employees feel you value and respect them. It leaves them with a sense of pride and achievement, says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.
This in turn, makes them work harder and improve their performance.

Here are the three ways employee recognition can help you boost your employees' performance in 2015

1. Be generous with praise
Telling your employees you're grateful for their hard work helps to boost performance.
If for example, James gets a big client for your business, go to his desk and thank him for his efforts.
Just make sure you don't give praise just for the sake of it.
'Your attempts at employee recognition will backfire if an employee doesn't consider your words heartfelt,' warns roberthalf.com.
2. Mention your employee's achievements publicly
You can, for example, mention your employees' achievements in your company newsletter or staff meeting.
You can also send an email to all staff every time an employee achieves something great, says The 'No Excuses!' Guide to Performance Management.
Not only will this make the employee you're recognising happy and more productive. It will inspire your other employees to improve their performance.
3. Give your employees prizes or certain benefits
Everyone loves to get a prize and this can help boost employee performance.
You can, for example, give vouchers, once-off cash bonuses or time off to recognise employees. If you choose this option, don't forget about the tax implications.
Just remember that to work, your recognition efforts must meet a certain criteria…

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If you want recognition to help you boost employee performance, make sure it meets these criteria

It must be:
  • Fair and just;
  • The same for everyone;
  • Timeous;
  • Relative to the nature and impact of the performance, contribution or behaviour;
  • Transparent;
  • Consistent; and
  • Relevant to employees.
To get a full breakdown of each of these criteria, check out the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management. The Guide will also give you more ways of recognising your employees.

There you have it: Using these three ways of recognising employees will help you boost your employees' performance this year.

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Want to boost your employees' performance in 2015? Use these three ways of employee recognition
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