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Want to create a high-performance environment? Use these three tips

by , 25 July 2014
If performance management is your top priority, you need to familiarise yourself with the concept of creating a high-performance environment.

Successfactors.com defines a high-performance environment as an environment that stimulates the individuals within that context to improve their performance.

Why strive for high-performance?

You'll get better results.

According to the site, these results will come in the form of increased revenue, improved utilisation, higher productivity, better quality and greater engagement.

Read on to discover three tips that'll help you create a high-performance environment so you get the most from your employees.

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Create a high-performance business culture with these three tips

Tip #1: Get your employees' input about the goals they must achieve

The extent to which employees are involved in goal-setting is directly related to how likely they're to 'buy' into the goals you set for them, says Riaan Steenberg, the Chief Operating Officer and a Director of Regenesys Business School.

The more your employee buys into the goals you set for him, the more likely he is to achieve these.

Tip #2: Constantly monitor how your employees achieve the goals you've set for them

Steenberg says if you don't check up on if, and how, your employees have achieved the goals you have set for them, they will not perform as they know that you will not check up on them.

Regular performance reviews are critical to make goals work, says Steenberg

That's not all. We have one more tip for you.

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One more tip to help you create a high-performance environment

Tip #3: Ensure your managers are highly adaptable

Research suggests that great performance is highly dependent on the approach and level of skill a manager has. Managers in high-performance environments engender high levels of trust, are flexible and accommodating, says Steenberg.

He adds that, according to organisational performance author, Nancy Lockwood, a manager in a high-performance environment is expected to:

  • Show strong commitment to diversity;


  • Take responsibility for successes and failures;


  • Demonstrate honesty and integrity;


  • Help find solutions to problems;


  • Respect and care for employees as individuals;


  • Set realistic performance expectations;


  • Demonstrate a passion for success; and


  • Defend direct reports.

Successfactors.com sums it up nicely when it says: 'Leaders who manage for high-performance get more from their people, their staff is more engaged and more committed.'

There you have it: We hope these tips will help you create a high-performance environment in your workplace.

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Want to create a high-performance environment? Use these three tips
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