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You don't have to use money to motivate your employees to be more productive. Use these four non-monetary methods instead to get the job done

by , 02 January 2015
You have to be proactive when it comes to motivating your employees to be more productive. After all, improved employee performance means more productivity for your company

And the good news is it doesn't have to cost you a cent.

That's right.

You don't need money to motivate your employees. Yes it's important, but it isn't everything. And there are studies that prove this.

So how do you motivate your employees without giving them money?

Use these four non-monetary methods.

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Four non-monetary ways to motivate your employees to be more productive 

1. Give your employees more independence
No one wants to have someone constantly looking over their shoulder. So give your employees independence. It's what they want and it shows you trust them.
Make it clear what you want from them and when they need to do it. After this, trust them to get the job done.
According to trinet.com, most employees agree that when someone always checks on them, questions their activities and micromanages them, it's harder to focus on work.

So, 'if you trust someone enough to hire them in the first place, grant them the freedom and space to live up to your expectations on their own. That go-getter you hired last year might run out of steam if you don't allow her to run with the ball,' says the site.
2. Show your employees you appreciate them
Recognising your employees and showing your appreciation is a great motivator, says the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.
In a 2013 study by Glassdoor (an online career site), 80% of employees said they would work harder if their employers showed appreciation. The study also found that employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stay longer at a company.
A simple 'thank you for your hard work on that project, you did a great job, keep it up' at a staff meeting is a good way to show your appreciation.
Everyone wants to feel like what they do matters. So show your employees you appreciate what they do. This way, they'll go the extra mile for your company too.
3. Allow your employees to contribute
Feeling like part of a team is a great motivator. And as you know, motivated employees are much happier and productive.
So ask your employees to contribute when you make key decisions and listen to them.
Think about it, even though you're part of management, you want to feel like your ideas count. Your employees are no exception. They want to feel like they're making a meaningful contribution.
4. Offer flexible work schedules
It's easy for employees to feel trapped, not to mention bored and unproductive in the 9 to 5 merry-go-round, says trinet.com.
The site says 'studies show that workers with flexible hours are more motivated than workers with inflexible schedules.'
Some employees are more productive in the mornings and some are more productive later in the day.
So you can, for example, have an option that allows your employees to come in earlier and leave earlier. Or arrive late and leave late. Just make sure employees still work the number of hours you require.
This kind of flexibility has the potential to make your employees happier and more productive.
Motivating employees to be more productive in 2015 doesn't have to cost you a cent. Try these methods and see what a difference they'll make.
PS: For more ideas on how to motivate your employees, check out the Practical Guide to Human Resources Management.

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