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You rely on your management team to help you run your business. But what do you do if they aren't pulling their weight?

by , 14 May 2015
I once heard someone say: 'Surround yourself with people better than you'. And in theory, it's a great concept. If I meet my deadlines, if I run a tight ship and if I can get my employees to get the job done, then if I had someone better than me, my business would run even better than a well-oiled machine. It'd be flawless.

And like I said... In theory this would be great! But what happens when one of your manager isn't pulling his weight? He's missing his own deadlines, never mind what his team's doing!
It's one thing to take an employee to task for not performing, but what would you do if one of your top guns just isn't up to scratch? You expect your manager to know what to do and not have to constantly remind him what to do. But the same law covers all employees regardless of level in the company. 
What to think about when you deal with a poorly performing manager 
If he's missing deadlines, just like any other employee, you still need to talk to him and make him aware of that. You'll also have to show him clearly what deadlines and other tasks he's missing the mark on.
But the real question is... Is he simply not complying with your instructions or is he simply incapable of doing the job?

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Is your manager flat-out ignoring you, or is he actually incapable of doing his job?
You need to figure out what it is that's causing him to 'act-up'. Is he committing misconduct by failing to follow reasonable instructions or is it incapacity because he can't do the job?
Either way, the laws on this are pretty clear... You still have to follow fair procedure. 

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You rely on your management team to help you run your business. But what do you do if they aren't pulling their weight?
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