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Your employees underperform? Top 3 Reasons for poor work performance and how to fix it!

by , 20 February 2015
If your employees underperform, you deal with a case of poor work performance which affects not only your results as a manager but also the activity of the entire company.

But what could be behind these visible low results? What exactly triggers the errors in the performance management despite your very best efforts?

Here are three main reasons why your employees underperform together with ways you can solve this negative situation developing in your company:

1. First of all, we know that each job comes along with some specific requests and tasks to be completed. Thus being said, some employees might not have the right abilities to fulfil the requested tasks. Some of these abilities can be improve, but the advice is to look for the right abilities together with the right skills and experience.

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2. Secondly, your employees might just as well don't care enough about the work they are submitting. And this lack of motivation shows through the tasks they finish or half-finish. Moreover, they will lack genuine interested in the company's beliefs, core mission and they will not feel connected with its vision.

3. There is also the case of the employees who are unable to register their own professional development and who cannot understand what's being asked from them when it comes about performing an action, finishing a task on time or working on urgent projects. In order to fix this sort of situation, as a manager you should always be very clear and specific about what performance means to you so that the employees will respect crystal clear performance standards.

These are some of the most common reasons why employees underperform or are confronted with a poor communication inside the company. When it comes about motivation, keep in mind that in many situations, communication remains the key!

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Your employees underperform? Top 3 Reasons for poor work performance and how to fix it!
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