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Do you know when and why earplugs are vital PPE?

by , 21 July 2014
If you've ever been in a room filled with loud noises, whether it was blasting music or high powered machinery, you'll know how much it affects your hearing.

Your ears ring for hours afterwards and everything sounds muffled even when you're out of that room. This is because your eardrums can only take so much noise before they suffer damage.

Now imagine what your employees' ears go through if they're surrounded by that sort of noise every day.

Without earplugs as part of their regular personal protective equipment (PPE), all this noise is going to affect their hearing. Read on to discover when and why your employees can't do without earplugs...

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Here's when earplugs become important PPE

If you expose your eardrum to loud noises every day, it damages it. There are two other factors to consider when it comes to noise-induced hearing loss. The first is the level of noise, which we measure in decibels (dB). Secondly, look at how long your employees work in these noisy conditions. 
According to InteliHealth.com, noise that's 75 dB is safe for your ears. But if you increase that by just five dBs and your employees work in that noise level for eight hours, it'll permanently damage their hearing.
So you have to give your employees earplugs whenever their work exposes them to noise levels higher than 75 dBs for an extended period of time.
And just to give you an example, the noise level of the human voice is around 60 dBs and a lawnmower is 90 dBs.
Now here's the why...

Here's why earplugs are such important PPE

Earplugs reduce the impact of loud noises on your employees' ears. They absorb and block a lot of the vibrations that eventually result in hearing loss and even complete deafness.
So ensure you give your employees earplugs to protect their hearing whenever they have to work in noisy conditions. 
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Do you know when and why earplugs are vital PPE?
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