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Do your employees have the right PPE for welding, drilling and cutting?

by , 21 July 2014
If your employees have to weld, drill or cut things as part of their job, you know that things have a tendency to go flying. These activities always fill the air with something, whether it's sparks or sawdust.

And when things go flying, your employees' eyes are in danger. This is why personal protective equipment (PPE) is a must!

Without it, your employees could suffer serious eye injuries and even become completely or partially blind.

To prevent this disaster ensure your employees have the right PPE...

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Do you know what PPE your employees must have to protect their eyes?

When it comes to your employees' eyes and faces, it's important they have protection from air born particles.
The best protection is to give them PPE to cover their eyes or faces.
This creates a barrier between their eyes and the particles in the air. 
This is more effective than trying to place protective panels in front of their faces which won't block all the flying particles.
So give your employees these pieces of safety gear to protect them while they're drilling, welding or cutting...

Ensure you give your employees these two pieces of PPE to protective their eyes

If your employees have to cut and drill wood or metal, give them safety goggles. These must fit snugly around their eyes to prevent any flying particles getting into them.
If your employees weld, give them welding masks. These don't only protect your employees' eyes from flying sparks, they also prevent an eye problem call 'Arch eyes'. The glare from the welding causes this problem by burning the outside of the eye. 
So keep your employees' eyes safe by giving them the right protective clothing.
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Do your employees have the right PPE for welding, drilling and cutting?
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