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Don't let your employees get wet at work! Give them the right PPE to protect them

by , 21 July 2014
If your employees have to spend all day wet, they're not exactly going to be 'singing in the rain'. No one likes to be wet all day and it's a health risk that can cause hypothermia.

So if your employees do any kind of work that could get them wet, it's your responsibility to protect them from this.

Whether they have to work outside in the occasional rain storm or at water treatment plants, you must give them this personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect them...

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Do you know the risks of working in wet conditions without the right PPE?

Let's say your employee works in a water treatment plant. He doesn't have any PPE on when he goes onto site. 
Because it's a water treatment plant, there's a lot of water everywhere. He steps in a puddle and slips. Now all of his clothes are wet and he has a badly sprained ankle.
He can't go home yet though because his supervisor isn't around to give him permission. By the time he can leave, he's gone into hypothermic shock from the cold of being stuck in wet clothes. 
Now he's injured and sick.
And you could have prevented all of this just by giving him the right pieces of protective clothing...

Give your employees these two pieces of PPE to protect them from getting wet

If you want to keep your employees safe and dry, give them:
Safety boots: These shouldn't only be waterproof; they must also have thick rubber soles that'll grip the ground better. This means their feet will stay dry and they won't slip on wet surfaces.
Waterproof clothing: If your employees work in wet conditions, give them waterproof clothing. You must also give this to employees who have to work outside when it's raining.
These two pieces of safety wear will keep your employees dry and safe from injuries and illness. 
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Don't let your employees get wet at work! Give them the right PPE to protect them
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