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Ensure your workers wear their PPE with these 4 tactics

by , 10 March 2016
In reality, it's pretty much impossible to literally remove every single health hazard in your workplace. But that doesn't mean you should just leave it.

You are required to make a real effort to minimise them, in looking out for the health and safety of all your employees.

And one of the things you can do to minimise hazards in the workplace is to provide your employees with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in situations where it's necessary.

But now that your workers have PPE, how can you ensure that they're actually wearing them?

I mean, what's the point of giving your staff PPE if they're not going wear to them? It defeats the point, which could see your employees being foolishly exposed to hazards in your workplace.

Remember that you don't just have a duty to provide PPE, but ALSO a duty to enforce its use.

Here are 8 tactics you can ensure all your employees actually wear their PPE...


Risk assessments are a legal requirement!

You MUST identify hazards and assess risks in your company to keep your employees safe.

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Of course, it would only make sense to ensure that all of your staff of provided with PPE before they can be expected to wear it.

Follow up and ensure that all employees have in fact been issued with PPE.


Make sure that all your managers wear their PPE when required, and in so doing be role models to all other employees in the workplace.


Ensure that the PPE each employee has is the correct size and make sure that the PPE provided to each employee is properly suited to
the type of hazard the employees are each exposed to.


Make sure that all your employees who use PPE have been trained properly in using them, maintaining them and storing them.
*To see what the other 4 tactics are, simply open up your Health and Safety Advisor handbook and page over to chapter P 01.

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Ensure your workers wear their PPE with these 4 tactics
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