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Eye strain in the workplace: Here's the cause and how to prevent it

by , 01 August 2014
Your employees aren't just in danger of injuries like broken bones and cut hands. They also face dangers like back injuries and eye strain.

These are common every day injuries that your employees could suffer from whether they work at a desk or a welding machine.

Eye strain in particular, can have devastating effects if you don't deal with it. If your employees keep straining their eyes their vision will deteriorate.

So you need to protect your employees from eye injuries. These are the causes you must look out for and how you can prevent them.

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These are some common causes of eye strain in the workplace 

The cause of eye strain can be difficult to identify. The reason is there are so many possible causes your employees come into contact with everyday.
These are some of the most common ones:
Glare from computer screens, sunlight and reflected light;
Light contrast;
The reflection off of warning signs such as hazard chevrons;
Poor lighting;
Welding; and
To determine which of these could be the cause, you must assess your employees at work. If you watch what work they do and where they do it you can pin point what's causing the problem.
So here's what to do to prevent your employees from suffering from eye strain.

You can use PPE to help protect your employees from eye strain

Once you've determined what's causing your employee's eye strain you can give him PPE to help protect his eyes.
For example, you can provide your employees with tinted safety goggles or glasses to protect their eyes from glare. 
You must give them welding masks if they do any welding to protect them from 'arch eyes'. This is when the UV light burns their eyes while welding.
And if your employee works in front of a computer a lot, you should install anti-glare computer screens.
So protect your employees eyes so they don't suffer from eye strain.
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Eye strain in the workplace: Here's the cause and how to prevent it
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