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Five requirements your employees' safety goggles must meet to be effective

by , 26 August 2014
When it comes to protecting your employees' eyes, you must give them the very best personal protective equipment (PPE). This comes in the form of safety goggles or glasses.

These create a barrier between your employees' eyes and the hazards around them such as airborne particles, gasses and chemicals.

But for these safety goggles to be effective they must meet certain requirements. Read on to discover what these requirements are so you can ensure your employees' eyes are safe at work...


Ensure your employees' safety goggle meet these six requirements

Requirement #1: Your employees' safety goggles must fit securely to your employee's face. There must be no gaps between the goggles and his face where particles could get in.
Requirement #2: The goggles must have a strong and comfortable rubber seal around the edge. This will ensure they fit comfortable and don't shift on your employee's face.
Requirement #3: They must wrap around the sides on your employee's face and cover the area between your employee's cheek bone and his eyebrow.
Requirement #4: They must have a strong strap or arms to ensure the goggles don't fall off when your employee bends over. The strap must be made from a strong rubber and the arms must be a tough plastic.
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Requirement #5: They must be made from a strong plastic that doesn't shatter easily in case something hits your employee in the face while he's wearing them.
Requirement #6: They must be clean and scratch free so your employee can see what he's doing and do it safely.
If your employees' safety glasses meet these six requirements, they'll be sure to help protect your employees eye health whenever they're at work Be sure to check the condition of your employees' safety gear regularly to ensure it continues to meet these requirements.

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Five requirements your employees' safety goggles must meet to be effective
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