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Four of the worst employee uses of hard hats you'll ever read about

by , 07 July 2014
You take health and safety very seriously. When your employees' safety is at hand you can't really mess around. But that doesn't mean you can't step back once in a while and see the lighter side of things.

After all, you need to observe how your employees use your safety measures so you can correct their behaviour.

Today, we're revealing some of the worst uses of hard hats that'll both amuse and alarm you...

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Did you know: Your employees' creative use of their PPE could put them at risk of injury

While we do want you to see the funny side of how your employees use their PPE, it's important to remember how serious it can be. 
If your employees misuse their PPE, like their hard hats, it could damage them. This means if they're in an accident, their safety wear might not actually protect them. 
So if you see your employees misusing their PPE, you must give them more training on how to use their protective clothing and how not to use it.
So take immediate action if you see your employees using their hard hats for any of these extra functions...

Four misuses of hard hats that'll amuse and alarm you

You have to admit, it's rather creative the way one of your employees can turn the lowly hard hat into a multipurpose tool.
They could turn it into a:
- Chair
All they have to do is put it flat side down on the ground and sit. It may be a bit low, but it's better than sitting on the ground.
- Bag
When your employees have to move from one place to another, don't be surprised if you see them shove everything they need into their upturned hard hats.
- Hammer
Why should your employees go looking for a hammer to knock out a loose nail when their hard hat will do the job just fine? 
- Bucket
Whether it's a hot day and your employee just wants to douse himself in water, or he needs it to put out a small fire, hard hats make great impromptu buckets.
There you have it, four of the worst misuses of hard hats. We hope they amused you, but if you see them happening in your workplace, take action. 
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Four of the worst employee uses of hard hats you'll ever read about
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