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Four reasons why your employees would rather face disciplinary action than wear their PPE

by , 04 July 2014
When it comes to workplace safety, you and your employees have an equal role. As we've talked about before, it's impossible to run your health and safety programme without your employees toeing the line.

But sometimes, they may actually rather face disciplinary action than follow your health and safety rules. This is especially when it comes to their PPE.

It may seem like a mystery because this safety equipment is there to protect them, but there may be reasons for doing so that you aren't aware of...

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Your employees may hate their PPE because it's that uncomfortable

Imagine this, someone tells you to sit on a chair or you'll be in serious trouble. Problem is that chair has small spikes all over it. 
These spikes hurt and make you itchy and eventually you have enough. At this point, you'd rather get in trouble than have to sit there any longer.
This is exactly how your employees might feel about their personal protective equipment
So here are four reasons why their personal protective clothing might be making them uncomfortable...

Four reasons why your employees' PPE makes them uncomfortable

Your employees' safety wear will make them uncomfortable if:
1. It's too tight. This will restrict their movement and make them extremely hot;
2. It's too thick. This may be okay on a cold winter's day, but when it's hot, thick protective clothing can cause your employees to overheat. This isn't only uncomfortable, it's dangerous too;
3. It's an irritating fabric. Some fabrics are naturally more irritating than others. Some of your employees may even have allergies to some types of fabrics; and
4. It's extremely dirty. If you don't have PPE cleaned frequently, it can start to smell. This is disgusting and it's really unhygienic.
The bottom line: If your employees won't wear their PPE, ask them if it makes them feel uncomfortable for any of these reasons. Once you know this, you can fix it.
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Four reasons why your employees would rather face disciplinary action than wear their PPE
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