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Four things your employees' hard hats must do to protect them

by , 16 July 2014
When it comes to PPE, the hard hat is the most recognisable. This is probably what you picture when you think of a construction site, industrial factory or mine.

But these icons of personal protect equipment don't always live up to their reputation. Their strong and sturdy build can weaken over time. This means they can't do their job properly.

In fact, to do the job of protecting your employees, their hard hats must do these four things...

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A hard hat is the single most important piece of PPE

This is why the hard hat is the most important piece of safety wear. You see, if your employee cuts his hand, he may be off of work for a day or two but he'll live. If a brick falls and hits him in the head, he'll have a severe concussion at best and suffer fatal injuries at worse. If he does live, it may only be in a vegetative state after an accident like that.
Hard hats can prevent this type of accident from causing those fatal injuries though. But only if this piece of protective clothing does these four things...

Your employees' hard hats must be able to do these four things

1. Absorb the shock of an impact;
2. Create a protective barrier around the skull;
3. Prevent minor and major injuries; and
4. Fit securely around your employee's head to protect his entire skull.
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Four things your employees' hard hats must do to protect them
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