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Getting new safety boots? Here's what to look for

by , 08 July 2014
Never underestimate how important personal protective equipment (PPE) is. As your employees' number one defence against most common accidents, they can't go without it.

This fact should make you think twice about trying to cut down the cost of PPE. The truth is, cheaper protective clothing is just that, CHEAP. It'll wear out quickly, break and become useless within a year.

Safety boots get it the worst with when it comes to fading fast. This because your employees wear them all day, every day.

So, if you're planning on buying new safety boots for your employees, here's what to look for...

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Never forget, cheap products break faster

As a woman, I like to occasionally treat myself to a new pair of shoes. But I can't always afford to splurge on a R400 pair, so I sometimes go for something under R100 just so I feel like I bought something.
Often, within a month, those shoes are unwearable.
Now, what if you did this with your employees' safety boots? It's not enough to buy the cheapest thing just so you can say you bought it. You must invest in good quality or you'll just have to keep replacing it month after month.
That's why you must stick to good quality suppliers and look for these things...

When you want to invest in good quality safety boots you must first look for:

Thick rubber soles that won't wear thin quickly;
Strong rubber outside. These should be thick but have enough bend that they won't crack; and
Well secured linings on the inside of the boot.
Check for these things and, if the boots pass, you're making a good investment.
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Getting new safety boots? Here's what to look for
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