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Have you educated your employees on why they must wear PPE?

by , 07 July 2014
Giving your employees PPE without training them is a bit like giving someone a plane and telling them to fly it. Anytime you give your employees new safety equipment you have to tell them why, how and when they need to wear it.

If you don't educate your employees on how to use their PPE or even why they need it, they'll end up misusing it.

This is a one way road to disaster that you can avoid just by giving your employees a PPE education...

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It's important to train your employees on the use of their PPE

If you just hand out hard hats and don't train your staff on how to use them, they'll probably figure it out. The problem is there's more to using PPE than what part of your body you must wear it on.
You need to educate your employees on:
-          How to put the PPE on properly. Show them how to fasten all the straps and clips properly;
-          When they need to wear it. Your employees may only need to wear certain PPE while they're working with tools. Other PPE, like hard hats, they must wear the whole time they're on site;
-          How to take care of their PPE. You must show your employees where and how they must store each piece of protective clothing;
-          Why they need to wear their PPE. Your employees need to know what dangers their PPE is supposed to protect them from.
-          What they must do if their PPE is broken. Damaged safety wear won't do its job properly. Tell them to must report it to you so you can repair or replace it.
If you give your employees this training on their PPE, they'll be able to use it correctly and protect themselves better.
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